Winning Solitaire demands smartness. Patience, considering this is the game’s second name, must also be exercised. Also, no one who has ever played Solitaire card games can doubt the need to have mastery of the rules to make splendid moves and gain extra points. If you are interested in what are the best scores you can achieve and which tips you can use to boost your chances to succeed, then read on!

Highest Solitaire Score

First of all, you need to know the scheme for earning the points. Thus, for standard scoring, it is the following:

  • each card receives +10 points when moved from the waste pile to tableau, 
  • +10 points if it is transferred from the waste pile to foundation or from the tableau pile to the foundation, 
  • +5 points if the card is turned face-up on the tableau, 
  • -15 points if the card is moved from foundation to tableau.

For Windows Solitaire, for example, time is also a factor. In case you go with the timed option, every 10 seconds of playing deduct 2 points. The calculation for the bonus points uses the formula (20,000 ÷ (secs it takes to finish)) x 35. In case the game takes below 30 seconds, expect no bonus points. The topmost score for playing this version of Solitaire online is 24,113. Download on Google Play , know that there is never consistency with scoring when you consider most versions of Solitaire. The basis will be the time as well as how many moves it takes. 

7 Best Tips for Winning in Solitaire

  • Master the rules

A few minutes of learning the rules will save you time later. You should keep in mind the goal of building the foundation piles by transferring the cards and placing them in a certain order.

  • Move the Aces or Deuces

Whenever you spot the Aces or Deuces that come from the stockpile or deck, moving them to the foundation first is crucial. Otherwise, they offer no help to you by staying on the tableau and can only frustrate you.

  • Stick to correct order

As you play Solitaire, begin by moving those cards you see on the layout trying to face-up others.  Afterwards, go to the stack to get new cards and use them in a way that will allow you to move further faster.

  • Check if the cards in the foundations can be moved

After placing a card on the foundation whose location is the corner at the top left, you cannot move it in most of the versions of Solitaire. However, check this option since it can be helpful.

  • Create strategies

Becoming a better player in classic Solitaire lies in building strategies and making the right decisions quickly. Ensure every your choice will open doors for a variety of other moves.

  • Don’t rush

Initially, it might be tough to skip the moves that seem to be great. But, you should be ready to do this if there are alternatives that will not be scored best but will bring more opportunities for winning.

  • Play the Kingswhen real benefits are on site

Movement of the Kings for creating a stockpile should only start when the move is to result in actual benefits. Click , remember that you can fill the empty points with the Kings only.


Best moves end up in great scores. Executing every choice with precision is what winning in Solitaire is all about. Weigh all the options, check the advantages, and stay focused. This will help you apply the best strategies when playing free Solitaire and you’ll succeed for sure!

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