The gaming world is never short on quality as well as quantity. If you make up your mind to play a game today, there will be thousands of them online waiting for you. Do you know that there are over a million video games in the world? Well, if you don’t, there is no problem. Every game has its time.

Games like PUBG, Counter-Strike, Among Us, and many others were vastly popular when they were released. Among Us bagged around 100 million downloads in the initial three months of its release. Counter-Strike is one of the best shooting games to date. And PUBG today has a lot of competitors.

The prime point here is that time never stays the same for anything. If we talk about the current scenario of the gaming world, there are many popular games in the market, one of which is Knockout City.

A Brief Overview of Knockout City

Knockout City is a multiplayer dodgeball game that has gained massive popularity in a very short time. Why do we say so? Well, the following section will prove it to you.

The game was initially released on 21st May 2021 and has bagged over 5 million players worldwide. Flabbergasting, isn’t it? Users were drawn to the game from day one, but many feared that it might lead the same fate as Fall Guys. Thus, one of the goals for the creators was to step up and avoid the mistakes that had been fatal to the overall beloved game. 

Most of you must be wondering how a game based on a simple and a bit old concept managed to garner this many players. Well, we are here to tell you!


The name of the game Knockout City pretty well explains the primary objective of the players in the game. Players can play various game modes to eliminate their enemies or opponents by knocking them out with a ball.

As the ball is the primary element of the game, the makers of the game Velan Studios managed to create a lot of them to make the game engaging. There are various types of balls in the game, namely Moon Ball, Bomb Ball, and many others.

Ball types and stunts

With the moon ball, one can easily jump higher while holding it. Moreover, the bomb ball, as its name suggests, explodes when it hits your target. The coolest thing about the game is that you get to play in a team. Hence, you can summon your friends and begin your brawl in the game.

Apart from the basic ability to throw the ball at your opponent, the players of the game can perform various other stunts like:

  • It may seem a bit funny, but if you could not find a ball to throw in the game, you can throw another player as a ball. For this, you may need to have a quick discussion with your friend as the game runs at lightning speed where you need to make every second count.
  • You or the other person in the game is not limited to being hit by the ball thrown. You can dodge it or even catch it if the speed of the ball is not that high. So, if you want to KO your opponent, you need to throw the ball at high speed. For this, you need to lock the ball on your enemy and press the throw button to gain speed. The key to a good throw lies in the player’s positioning and strategy.
  • One of the best aspects about Knockout City is that if a player gets hit by the ball twice, he or she dies and revives automatically.
  • If you want to scare a player in the game, you can even fake the throwing of the ball. Moreover, if a player in front of you is holding a ball, you can tackle it if you have the guts.

When the players progress in the game, they are offered with HoloBucks that they can use in the Brawl shop to get various upgrades like:

  • Costumes and attire upgrades
  • Crew vehicle customization
  • Glider customizations

You can play in various game modes like:

  • Face-off
  • Team K.O
  • Ball-Up

And many others! Other than that, you get access to various state-of-the-art weapons that can flip the game in an instant.

Why did Knockout City get popular?

Well, after knowing about the gameplay, there is nothing much left that can push you to play it. However, here are some key aspects that brought it into the limelight.

  • The game comes with a free trial where you can progress up to level 25.
  • It offers a consistent, rewarding season pass.
  • The action-packed frames are filled with high-end graphic elements.

The exciting thing is that EA seems to have plans to turn Knockout City into a professional e-sport. An official tournament has already taken place, with a total prize pool of $15,000. Thus, playing the game very well can even help some players earn some extra cash. 

Final Words

Knockout City is a simple yet immersive game that can hold your attention for hours. However, it is not the only fresh game in the market right now. You can also look into games like Rocket Arena, Biomutant, Sea of Thieves, It Takes Two, etc.

One thing that may act as a hurdle for you is the inaccessibility to these games. You may be in a location where these games, including Knockout City, might not be available. For this, you can use a VPN for gaining access to these games, as they could be blocked in certain regions. Additionally, tools like Atlas VPN can also help you evade the irritating price discrimination. Thus, you will no longer need to pay more just because your location dictates higher prices. 

Currently, you can purchase Knockout City for approximately $19.99. You can also try the free trial version, which will keep you entertained until you reach a certain level. 

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