A small leak has revealed that Microsoft is working on something super secret for their Next Generation Console XBox One.

Xbox One PC Controller

The leak happened due to a bug in the sign up process of this popular app. In this leak we can see lots of popular names. Among these “big and famous companies”, there was also Microsoft is buzzing with his eyes times over the title of this chat group, If you look at it, you will see some known names such as DX, One Note, Azure, One Drive, but of us one group sound is really interesting! Xbox Super Secret 2015!

The bug affecting the app is now fixed so it seems we have to wait for the Official announcement from Microsoft. But what should it be? Because, unfortunately – or fortunately for Microsoft – no content has been leaked. Only we know the names of Selbiger, for now we have no idea what that could be. It could be something related to Windows 10 and DirectX 12 for Xbox One. Or backward compatibility Or Virtual Reality. Any ideas?

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