You know they exist. You want them but don’t know how to go about it. Does that sound like you? Don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place. In the next five minutes, we’ll outline all the ways you can score free spins from online casinos.

We are talking about spins that are worth real money. As such, you can use them to win actual cash you could withdraw. And guess what? We’ll also provide tips on how to receive the best free spins—those that come with the least conditions. Let’s begin.

What are Free Spins?

Free spins are opportunities to play online slots for real money without risking your cash balance. If you receive ten of them, you can spin the reels of a slot machine ten times. If each spin holds a monetary value, then there’s a chance of winning real cash you can withdraw from your account.

The best free spins are those that come easily and have favourable terms and conditions. They are what everyone is looking for because well, no one likes to gruel for stuff advertised as free, anyway. So, how do you earn them?

Claim Registration Free Spins

Some online casinos want new customers so much that they are willing to let you play a few games free of charge. You don’t need to provide a credit card or to make a deposit through PayPal. Instead, the primary requirement is to register an account.

Of course, that means providing an email address and setting up account login details. It takes five minutes to create a casino account, so this should be a simple task. Once you have it, you’ll receive a pop-up message asking you to claim your welcome free spins.

 Sometimes registration free spins are also called no deposit bonuses. They have a short validity period and may or may not have wagering requirements. What that means is that a casino could ask you to spend a certain amount of cash as a condition for cashing out your bonus wins.

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 First Deposit Free Spins

Registration free spins often come in small amounts. But if you want to receive 50, 100 or 300 of them, join an online casino with a generous welcome package. You’ll receive betting money you can use to play tons of slots and card games like poker, blackjack and roulette. What’s more, you’ll also get free spins.

In many cases, free spins are allocated to specific games. For example, you could receive 100 spins to use on these famous one-man bandits: Starburst, Cleopatra, Thunderstruck 2 and Book of Dead.  

If you live and breathe video slots, you can also use your betting money on various machines. Depending on a casino’s offer, you could get 100% to 400% of what you deposit as a reward. So, if you deposit $200, you could earn an extra $200 plus say 80 free spins.

In case you’re wondering, there are multiple ways to learn about first deposit deals. Check out free spins at Mr Ringo. They have a list of bonuses from the best-rated online casinos online. The beauty of these offers is that you know they come from trusted brand-name companies.

Loyalty Free Spins

Loyalty free spins are like kickbacks for being a regular customer. You could receive a daily, weekly or monthly dose of spins depending on a casino’s policies. That said, it’s essential to read the loyalty offers a website provides before you even make your first deposit.

There’s no point in spending money at a casino that will reward you once as a new customer and then neglect you. Additionally, ensure you pay loyalty to a generous operator who gives you manageable terms and conditions.

For example, if you receive twenty weekly free spins, they should be spins, you can use to win real money. They must also have lenient wagering terms and a decent maximum cash out limit. That way, you can become a loyal player knowing your effort will be rewarded kindly. 

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are types of loyalty rewards except that they come with an important condition: you must top up your account. For example, there could be a requirement you reload $30 or more to earn thirty free spins. Or you could receive free spins in addition to betting money.

In many casinos, reload bonuses are offered systematically. That means you don’t earn them every time you make a deposit. Instead, they could be provided on a specific day within the week or as a reward for your first monthly deposit.

Similar to first deposits, however, reload bonuses are given as a fraction of your money. Let’s say you top up $100; you could receive 30% of the money ($30) as a reward. Of course, they might also throw in some free spins to play on a top-rated slot.

Special Occasion Free Spins

Las Vegas casinos are experts at special occasion rewards. But that doesn’t mean their online counterparts are badly off. The best websites always treat their customers to birthday free spins. They offer more spins on government holidays or during the operator’s anniversary.

  We can’t promise you’ll always receive generous casino rewards on special occasions. But the small bonuses you might get could have a difference in your gaming experience. They could come when you are tight on a budget or could help you win a lump sum amount.

VIP Free Games

Casinos are constantly looking for high rollers. That’s because these people spend a lot of money, which means significant boosts to an operator’s profit margins. But people splashing hundreds of dollars per spin don’t join just about any casino.

They choose casinos that treat them like royalty. Unsurprisingly, receiving free spins regularly is part of the VIP treatment. It’s up there with fast withdrawals, an account manager and dedicated customer support.

In other words, become a VIP customer if you want to earn free spins often. In some casinos, you could get up to 100 free games every weekend. But that’s only if you maintain your high roller status.  


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