One of the most significant rumours encircling GTA VI is the concept of ushering in the very first female protagonist to the GTA franchise. Women haven’t always played the biggest part in Grand Theft Auto down all through the ages. Yes, a whole lot of ladies were out there in GTA but none of them played any crucial of vital role in the sequence. 

It’s quite impressive to offer players a strong rough and tough female protagonist in GTA VI, Rockstar have often used women for sexual reasons in their games. This will be the very first time we will see a lady as lead role, so it’s very interesting to see that.

Remember Lara Croft from Tomb Raider? Tough Lady huh? This time we might see something similar like that but obviously not in barrens LOL!. Probably Rockstar wants to reflect a response of gender discrimination or oppression. Whatever it is I do like what actually Rockstar is Planning.

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