Technology is here to stay and continues to transform our day-to-day lives. Integrating technological trends in education will go a long way in ensuring excellent learning. Educators face challenges every time an innovation emerges. Gone are the days when students depended on encyclopedia and libraries for information. Furthermore, future careers such as social media influencing, online customer care, and online shops and advertising depend on technology. There is an urgent need for students to prepare for these digital times.

The social media age is transforming education

Social media has made our lives more manageable with the existence of networking sites such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Google +
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn. 

The applications enable interactions that connect everyone in the world. People can gain experiences, learn, explore places, buy, and consult at the comfort of their homes. WhatsApp groups are gradually taking over educational settings as students in universities and colleges using the primary form of communication because it is user friendly. Instructors can pass information and documents to their classes through Group Admins. Global learning is also a social media trend that will soon surpass any other forms of knowledge. These involve learning through social interactions with people of different professions and cultures. Students from different areas of the globe come together on Skype and social forums to educate each other in particular. Using the same technologies, clients can interact with customized essay writers to know the progress of their order. . 

The future of online learning is very bright

A Student finds online learning more flexible than attending physical classes and lectures. It concurs with the schedule of those who have to work part of full time to pay bills. At the comfort of their homes, students and the instructor can interact, attending online courses by streaming live and video conferencing. Skype and Hangout are the other efficient way of communicating. Students prefer online learning because of the ease of access to reading resources such as E-books, interactive textbooks, book reviews, and case studies in online libraries. Technology has also enabled distant learning without having to travel.  Innovators predict a Future that online learning is the ultimate future of education. Social media has exposed students to the world of online writing they can get essays at affordable prices. Online learning is no different because the assignment exists, and websites like edujungles can come in handy. The company has competent writers who work to deliver good grades.

Epistemic and educational video games to increase engagement

Away from the classroom, students have access to phones, tablets, and computers, which keep them busy. Instructors in lecturer halls have to stomach students using their phones during lessons. If you cannot beat them, join them, which is the slogan that can apply. Students associate video games to leisure, and aligning them with learning can be fascinating. Epistemic games are an emerging trend in technology to promote innovations. These computer games are the future of education. Players assume professional roles, for example, journalism and managing companies, and this prepares them for future careers. The stimulating and competitive nature of video games makes it an effective way of learning for the future. Future education technology will bring the playground to the students improving technology. Educational video games can also apply at home. Parents play a critical role in childhood development and require an understanding of educational advancement.

Instructors utilizing technology have the upper hand

How has technology improved education in our schools today? Technological advancements have an efficient assessment of students due to the presence of student’s databases and result tracking. Instructors can now use digital records to improve interactions with their learners. Identifying student’s capabilities is means instructors can allocate assignments according to these capabilities. The presence of result tracking tools enables instructors to evaluate and improve learner’s progress. Technology has made classes digital communities with online sharing of assignments and discussion of homework. Some concepts are very hard to explain in class ad may require visualizing tools. It is how digital simulations and models are swallowing the world of classroom learning. Innovative ideas seeking to eradicate physical presence are jeopardizing the future of technology in the classroom. As technology advances, teachers’ roles change from being an educator to advisor and controller. Students learn a lot from the internet, and instructors put it into perspective.

What is the future of Technology in Education?

The role of technology in education is evident; the big question is whether it will be positive or negative. However, we cannot be skeptical of the changes unless we experience them. Traditional education was at its best in the past, but the technology that promises to improve it but might cause harm. Technology in the classroom statistics is on a high, creating a fear of losing control. However, change is incredible, and conforming will make adaptation easier. 

The following are future trends that might take the education sector by storm.

    • Sensory stimulation learning replacing classroom learning
    • Learning will be personalized depending on students capabilities
    • Artificial intelligent will be more full-blown
    • Online learning will take over
    • Prevalence of online writing by companies such as essaykitchen
    • Learning from social networking


  • New technologies in schools


  • Mobile learning

Concisely, the biggest question on peoples mind is what the future hold for the education sector. With technology already taking over, the future seems very bright, posing more challenges for educators. Educational technology will dominate the future. Therefore, a balance needs between the benefits, and the implication is essential for the attainment of conformity.

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