Watchdogs is the most anticipated game of this year. Now, after a long wait the release date has come closer with some Gameplays and Screen Shots to maintain the heat of interest. The one thing which may be the red light of many players- High system requirements. Now Ubisoft producer Jonahatin Morin announced that for Watch Dogs if you have a Dual-Core processor (including i3 Processor) the game will not run its many operations. Now Memory, the minimum memory capacity starts with 6Gb. 

Watch Dogs require minimum 6Gb of ram and Dual-Core processors are not Enough-  Jonahatin Morin

Watch Dogs multiplayer
Watch Dogs multiplayer gameplay Screen Shot

Watch Dogs will be on sale on the 27th of this month, despite the PS3 version has already leaked in Brazil, but more people are still looking forward to the arrival of this masterpiece official. Meanwhile the system configuration problems are also becoming the focus of each player. Recently, Ubisoft producer Jonahatin Morin announced the minimum configuration issues, he noted that the game operations are not running at Dual-Core Processor including i3 processors. Based on Intel’s evaluation software PassMark, 9000 to any 10000 CPU scores are the highest quality, from 7000 to 9000 can run medium to high quality.

Memory, the memory capacity starts with 6GB, which is also low for this game said by Jonahatin Morin, if you upgrade to 6GB, you can run at minimum quality.

In terms of GPU aspects, Jonahatin previously said that 90% of developers used Nvidia Geforce 670, with a good 4-core processor you can run the game at highest quality.

“Watchdog” will be landing on May 27 Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PC platform.

  • Imam Hassan

    wtf….. first waiting now 6gb shit why why

    • Teh_Sajjad

      You can also run this game with 4Gb ram

  • Khaled Kibria Turjo

    but i3 has 4 thread !! windows detect it as a quad core -_- WTF

    • Teh_Sajjad

      Cores and threads both are different candies. and the game will run with i3 but some of it’s operations doesn’t work.

  • Hideg Jenő Péter

    I pirated W_D and im testing run lowest setting, 720p 25fps
    My PC specs: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, AMD 64 X2 6400+ 3.2-ghz dual-core, DDR2 8GB RAM 800mhz dual-channel 6-6-6-18, Gigabyte Nvidia GT 430 OC (OC is stock up to 30mhz)
    I wanted buy W_D but i am 15 years old, my dad says “only for 18 age games”
    But are full work with dual-core.