Ubisoft masterpiece the most anticipated game of this year Watch Dogs will be released on 27th of this month and will be officially landed on PC, Ps3, Xbox360, PS4, Xbox One platform, but the Wii U version case is still in pending, Wii U planned to put this game in the list of fall, but there is a news from foreign media that the game may be postponed to next year. 

Watch dogs Wii U release date is bounced to next year? Or a specific release date will announced at E3

Watch Dogs for Wii U version have some issues, Creative director Jonathan Morin said that they are wholeheartedly into a Wii U version of transplantation, will be presented to you the best game.

watch dogs WiiU

On another side note, there is a news that E3 is probably a good time to confirm Wii U release.When this question asked by someone to the project manager of Ubisoft Tessa Vilyn on Twitter. He said: “Maybe, that time we will know.”

Perhaps this is a good point, and we look forward to more news about the Wii U version of “watchdog” in the E3 show.

Some retailers have been ahead of the sale of foreign “Watchdog”. You and your partners play “watchdog” yet?

Watch Dogs PC Version Gameplay Screenshots:

Watch Dogs on PC

Watch Dogs on PC

Watch Dogs on PC

Watch Dogs on PC

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