Watch_Dogs has been officially just 5 days away from release and we’ve got news, which’ll prove to be a breather for those with older systems. The official minimum requirements for the game says 6 GB of RAM is needed, causing widespread anxiety among those with 4 GB RAM.. Well, there’s gonna be no more anxiety as there won’t be any hard lock mechanism preventing users from playing this game, even if they only have 4GB of RAM.


This information was revealed by one of the ‘testers’ of the game, who didn’t wanna be named. Instinctively, we were a bit cautious as we didn’t want to provide false hopes. But after the official announcement from Jonathan Morin, Creative Director of Watch_Dogs, stating the same info as the anonymous tester.

In short, PC gamers with less than 6GB of RAM will be able to launch the game. Although an important point to be noted is game loading times will be comparatively slower and pretty annoying when loading high resolution textures in larger maps.

But one thing is for sure, there won’t be a specific lock as seen in Call Of Duty: Ghosts.. Please post your thoughts in this regard below !!