Ubisoft’s “Watchdog” is going to be on sale next week, but that did not stop fans of the game digging new information.  The heat of exposer is going on after Gameplays, Screenshots and even the Xbox version of Watch Dogs is now available on torrent and the Ps3 Version is already being sold in Brazil. Now Users put a “Watchdog” entire map burst out, and with the compassion of “GTA4” and “GTA5” map.

Below, this is the “Watchdog” of the full map, divided into a total of six areas.

Watch Dogs Full Map
Watch Dogs Full Map

Now this is the comparison of GTA4 and Gta5 map. The Gta5 map is much bigger than GTA4.

Gta 5 map

The final step all three maps are laid on each other, GTA5 map is looking gaint but again just to clear the main thing that Watch Dogs map is just a Screenshot not an actual size of the game city.  The Watch Dogs game Map screen shot is taken from the video gameplay. It’s just, give us the view that how big the map can be. At for now it’s looking just 20% bigger than GTA4.

Gta 5 map vs Watch Dogs