Well the profiler in Watch dogs was pretty impressive, it helped us in getting much information about many peoples. The profiler in the game was no doubt one of the game’s main feature and helped us in many ways. It seems like Ubisoft will be taking the profiler in Watch dogs 2 to a new level.

Well, Jonathan Morin, who is the creative director of Watch dogs, wants to push this feature to a new level and which he wants to aim being to humanize the people around you which he thinks is: “as the beginning of something that is quite unique and could push the industry forward.” He wants to upgrade this system to the max in Watch dogs 2 otherwise.

Jonathan Morin also at the Dice Europe 2014 event, said that he wants this feature to be something else which will let the player feel realistic and care for the citizen and help them not just go around do whatever the hell player want. But to do so he has to find the right balance between this systemic experience and a tightly crafted story to drive players along.

“We’re at that stage now. We’re trying crazy stuff. We’re trying not to fall into that trap of, ‘Oh, we’ve tried that in the past, it’s not going to work’,” said Morin. “That’s the main trap – that’s the barriers you can put in your mind, when you start having a franchise.”

Well, Jonathan Morin didn’t say much, but he really wants to give gamers a system that no game ever gave any gamers. Every game has there Limitation but Ubisoft has a little more(by releasing 4 Assassin’s Creed games a year) but still we would love to see what Ubisoft can do with watch dogs 2 will it be good or bad? Well by doing this they are pushing the game requirements too. Well, it is up to you to think if this is insane or good.