Currently in the field of video games, one of the tactic to encourage people to pre-order and attempt to maximize profits is the launch of special editions. This phenomenon also adds extra DLC content and exclusivity of certain additives only available with a reservation at certain stores. It is well known that the company Ubisoft is also following these practices, even overstepping the number of different editions of the same game.

Watch Dogs 2 will be available in 6 different editions 


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However, it seems that the company has plateaued the upcoming release of Watch Dogs 2, which will feature no less than six different versions, which are: Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, Gold Edition, San Francisco Edition, Wrench Jr Robot Collector’s pack and The Return of Dedsec Collector’s case. To clarify the differences between each, Ubisoft has presented a table with the different versions and their contents as a guide.

Watch Dogs 2 is the result of over two years of intensive development by the original creative team responsible for the brand Watch Dogs. Players will enter a massive and dynamic environment open world located in the San Francisco Bay Area, a city that recently adopted CTS 2.0, an advanced operating system that controls the infrastructure of the city and that-fall into the wrong hands – it could be used to manipulate the daily lives of the citizens of malicious and intrusive manner.

Watch Dogs 2 will be released on 15 November for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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