Ubisoft’s long awaited Watch Dogs 2 finally released for the PC gamers today. The game was scheduled for release on November 15th for all the platforms, but was delayed for the PC platform as the studio needed some extra time to polish the game.

Watch Dogs 2 Suffering from Crashes, Low FPS, Black Screen and More Issues

Seems that the extra time taken by Ubisoft didn’t contribute that much as the gamers are still facing the most common issues present in most of the games at launch these days such as crashes, low frame rates and other performance issues. Same was the case with Watch Dogs 2 as well.

According to the gamers on different gaming forums such as steam, they have encountered these issues and were looking for the workarounds and the fixes. One of these was the issue of Low Frame Rates almost on all the resolutions. One of the Gamer with high-end system have reported this issue and asked Ubisoft to fix the issue.

While some of them reported game crashing issues while installing and launching it from an external hard drive and those who are playing it from the internal drive has also reported the crash during the first mission on the Steam discussion page.

There are also reports of Watch Dogs 2 not launching or freezing during the start-up. While launching the game, the game closes automatically after the initial screen. According to the gamers who faced this issue, the task manager shows that Uplay launcher is running but nothing happens.

While there are other issues as well such as the game redirects to detection DotLocal Dll while launching. According to the reports, the issue is caused by EasyAntiCheat tool as the game uses Denuvo. Other issues such as game freezing for a few seconds and some others are casuing problem for most of the people. All of these needs to be addressed by the Ubisoft soon so that the gamers can enjoy one of the most hyped game of this year.

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Watch Dogs 2 is now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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