Ubisoft Montreal brought new screenshots and story trailer of Watch Dogs 2. New screenshots and trailer showcase important people on both sides of the conflict between the collective group of hackers DedSec and corrupt corporations. Marcus Holloway teams up with Dedsec crew, an elite group of hackers engaged in a quest to shut down the plans of power hungry Blume CTO, Dusan Nemec and restore power to the people.

Watch Dogs 2 – New Screenshots, Story Trailer and New Gameplay Videos

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From the above trailer we can see that Nemec is taking the DedSec threat seriously; we already met a few members of the group. The protagonist, Marcus Holloway stop a massive surveillance initiative in Oakland using only skills. In this trailer, we also have a glimpse of Josh and Horatio, two other members who belong to the team DedSec.

With a powerful array of hacking tools at their disposal and the open world of San Francisco Bay Area to his feet, Marcus Holloway and his fellow hackers will do whatever it takes to stop Blume and its new and improved cts 2.0 of violating freedoms of citizens. And with multiplayer connectivity in Watch Dogs 2, you can easily team up with friends or strangers to complete missions, gain followers, and unlock new missions, gadgets and equipments.

Watch Dogs 2 will be launched on November 15 on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Watch Dogs 2 Watch Dogs 2

Eurogamer, Gamepost, Jackfrags Youtube and other channels, have posted gameplay videos of story missions:

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