Today we have 7 minutes duration gameplay video of Watch Dogs 2, from the gameplay video, graphics are somewhat limited seems a mixture of Grand Theft Auto with movements taken from the Assassin’s Creed in stealth and fight next to Mirror’s Edge. We are jumping around as if we were an expert in Parkour, although at least it looks better than the first.

Watch Dogs 2 in 7 minutes of gameplay

With Watch Dogs 2 we have to carry out the largest operation of computer hacking known in history, pulling down the ctOS2.0 system used by criminal groups to monitor and used as puppets to all citizens. The multiplayer mode will offer cooperative play, several styles of play suited to our style, a variety of tools for hacking that can be improved (drones, vehicles, radio control, 3D printers to create weapons, etc). This time Ubisoft emphasis on melee combat if that stealth mode is not working for you.

In Watch Dogs 2 Everything is Hacakable


In the video we see something that Ubisoft has already announced. Virtually everyone is Hackable, we can handle vehicles, destroying smartphones passersby, new support vehicles to facilitate our work as the drone, but most interesting of all is the cooperative mode where players can team up to perform missions in campaign mode.

Players will explore the place of origin of the technological revolution as Marcus Holloway, a brilliant young hacker who has fallen victim of predictive algorithms cts 2.0 being accused of a crime he didn’t commit. In the search for Marcus to disable cts 2.0 once and for all, skills as a hacker will be the perfect weapon to achieve the mission. Players aren’t only infiltrating the city infrastructure, but can also manipulate each person and connected to the network to trigger chains of unpredictable events device. With the ability to control the drones, cars, cranes, security robots and much more at your disposal, players can choose to use a stealthy hacking to complete their missions without killing any enemies or use a fiercer approach by frontal attacks. In this vast open world, players can make their way through traffic while engaging in breakneck street chases in the winding streets of San Francisco, through the roofs of the neighborhoods of Oakland and infiltrate the offices of the most iconic companies in the Silicon Valley.

“Our creative team is working hard to deliver the best experience Watch Dogs you can imagine , ” said Dominic Guay, senior producer at Ubisoft Montreal. “In Watch Dogs ® 2, we are excited to give players a captivating story with lovable characters, offering deeper and real options hacking, a variety of gadgets and weapons and a whole new and smooth multiplayer experience that will attract Original Watch Dogs fans and new players.”

Watch Dogs has its release date scheduled for November 15, it will come to the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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