In an interview for the recently resurrected podcast Game Informer Show, Warren Spector, creator of Deus Ex and System Shock, provided some details about their work on a project for the Half-Life series, which confirms that it was a new episode for never finished Half-Life 2. It was during his work on his own Junction Point Studios and added new features to the acclaimed formula.

During the dialogue, Spector spoke about his experience to launch its own project in an industry that does not give too many advantages for those looking to start their own businesses.

“Actually, Valve came and saved us, honestly. We were doing some conceptual development for them for a year, maybe even two. While at the same time I was doing concepts for Disney in what became Epic Mickey. It was pretty exciting. Start with a venture is like jumping off a cliff, and I had to pay debts from my pocket for a while. It was pretty crazy, but the core team remained with me and finally ended up doing pretty good things Disney. “

When asked about working with Valve, Spector did not hesitate to release details of what would have been this new entry in the series of Gordon Freeman.

“We were working on an episode. [Valve] was very interested in episodic content at the time. We were working on an episode that would occupy one of the gaps in the story of Half-Life. So we were trying to shape a specific part of the world Half-Life and created a new tool. One thing that elegantly called Magnet Gun, which I would still go for something with it.We met a lot of fun ways to use the magnet gun that were completely different to anything [Valve] done, and was free enough to use it. I still think it would be good, but when the deal with Disney began to bear fruit, I just could not say no to Disney. I always wanted to work there, so I never completed the work with Valve. “

But definitely do not blame the multimillion Mickey Mouse as the new episode Tour Freeman seemed destined never materialized, however.

“I think Valve was already rethinking their episodic plan, anyway. When you got the opportunity to work with the most recognizable icon of planet Earth, anyone who says they’re not crazy. It was very interactive. [Valve] left us more than we expected. We were working on … do not know how I can say about it, even now. But that would make us say ‘No they will work in the gaming industry anymore’? “

The full interview can be seen below in English. It’s a shame to think that an eminence as Warren Spector was able to contribute to such legendary franchise and was frustrated by the turmoil in the industry. Perhaps at some point we will see that spectacular Magnet Gun your way through the streets of City-17.


Source: Gameinformer

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