Crytek has launched a new update for Warfare entitled Operation Endless Skies, which consists of an impressive array of cooperative missions transporting players in Africa.

Operation Endless Skies bring five new maps Warface; each has unique challenges and different and original visual styles, inspired by the landscapes of Africa. Players battle in the hot sun while facing the faction Blackwood, through canyons, jungles and spectacular scenery, where you will find a lot of new content and gameplay possibilities, which also reach Warface as part of this update

Accessible to newcomers, yet a challenge for veterans, “Operation Endless Skies” is the biggest content update for Warface Co-op to date. It reaches the coast and stalking the enemy in an abandoned cargo ship map “Overboard”; Fight for survival and face hidden dangers in the jungle on stage “Jungle Law”; your way to a higher strategic terrain is evidence that suggests you “Deadly Dam”;infiltrate a secret laboratory “Science Hollow”; and fighting in an ancient battlefield with “Coliseum”. No matter which map you choose, end the Blackwood faction plans depend on the tactical teamwork, and your ability to adapt to the many missions offered this update.

Besides the possibilities of play that are introduced with “Operation Endless Skies” today’s update also brings a new map “Capture Flag” for Warface versus mode. Entitled “Breach” map requires the defending team fortify a warehouse and defend players of the opposing team, trying to demolish it with C4. While defensive barricades exploited and the building begins to fill with smoke, both sides will have to keep a cool head while battling for the coveted goal.

Also coming today Warface the revamped version of the Safe House, a place where players can practice with their weapons before jumping to the front lines. And as they prepare for action, soldiers may want to make use of the shop and get three new and deadly weapons and four futuristic armor, which adds an extra length and style to the battle.

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