Fuck this War! That is the premise on which most of war survivors are based, where we are not the super soldiers in front of the battle as used in most FPS, but rather ordinary citizens with a life that has been devastated: humble cooks, mechanics and even babysitters, civilians trapped in a city that could not be evacuated, suffering the consequences of war that only seems to breathe through the night, only to suffer even greater dangers.

This War of Mine – Update 1.2 adds new characters choice and shelter

This War of Mine

With a visual style very melancholic and nostalgic, we take a city devastated by the war that could easily locate in Eastern Europe – Poland, if we want to be precise, native country of 11 Bit Studios are the developers behind this great delivery.

There is no doubt that this title is one of the most striking game of this year, which has now received a new Update 1.2, including several significant, such as the ability to choose a completely new shelter. From now on, every time you start the game, you will have the opportunity to start on the new building.

The second new feature of this update is the ability to choose the initial group of characters. You will have a greater influence in forming the history of civil during the war, making the game becomes more challenging and with a totally different perspective. Please note that you have to complete it at least once to unlock this option.

Improvements and additional tweaks:

  • Some areas have improved
  • Some animations have been improved
  • NPC behavior improved
  • Bug fixes