Microsoft’s new API designed for programming, the DirectX 12 provides significantly better and improved performance in the gaming mainly due to efficiency. The difference of performance in gaming between the DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 was much more than expected.

However, according to the Valve Software, using AMD’s Vulkan API for cross-platform utilization makes more sense than Microsoft’s DirectX 12. Valve’s Dan Ginsburg mentioned the reasons for his statement regarding the three main low level APIs, Microsoft’s DirectX 12, Apple’s Metal and AMD’s Vulkan. He said,

“Unless you are aggressive enough to be shipping a DX12 game this year, I would argue that there is really not much reason to ever create a DX12 back end for your game. And the reason for that is that Vulkan will cover you on Windows 10 on the same class of hardware and so much more from all these other platforms and IHVs that we’ve heard from. Metal is single platform, single vendor, and Vulkan… we are gonna have support for not only Windows 10 but Windows 7, Windows 8 and Linux.”

Vulkan vs Directx 12

It’s said that the Vulkan is supported by the operating system of Valve’s game ready portable machine called as Steam Machines which is based on Linux. Moreover, Vulkan is open source for developers as well as there’s no OS limitation for it.

Via: KitGuru