Krillbite’s first-person horror video game, Among the Sleep is not longer Virtual Reality (VR) supported. The Studio lately announced that it had to ‘rethink‘ about the development of VR version of the game and finally decided to abandon the VR support.

The studio mentioned the reasons for dropping VR support on the official website and stated, “All of these techniques are essential to project the feeling of being a child to the player. They make the player feel small, fragile and vulnerable. But unfortunately they don’t work in VR.”

A huge focus when creating Among the Sleep was to make the player feel like he or she was controlling a small child. To accomplish this we spent a lot of time on camera movement.  

One of the first things we learned when experimenting with VR is that the player needs to be in control. All the time. When a player puts on a headset to play your game he is basically placed inside the game … A very common technique in story driven first person games is to take away the players control of the camera when you want to tell some story … This feels horrible in VR.

If you do this in VR it basically feels like someone is physically grabbing your head and forcing you to watch something. Suddenly your entire body is paralysed and the sense of freedom of perspective and immersion that VR does so well is shattered. It’s a violation of the trust you are building up between your game and the player.

But one good part, which came from the news is that the team will be releasing a developed part of the game with VR support as a demo. According to the Krillbite Studio, “We are now considering using assets from the game for a smaller and more focused VR-demo. A tight and focused experience tailored for VR. It will be a small part of the game, stand alone from the rest of the story, but a much better VR-experience than the original game forced into virtual reality.”

This is not a good news for many gamers, especially those who were excited and were eagerly waiting for the game with VR support. The studio realized its mistake and also apologized from the fans at the end of the post.

Source: Krillbite