The Turkish studio RealityArts presents its first Kickstarter campaign to fund Voidrunner, a dizzying game of ships in surreal environments, with lots of action, speed and attractive graphics.

Voidrunner –  Surreal  Flight Simulator Powered by Unreal Engine 4


Voidrunner presents a gameplay reminiscent of classics like Star Fox and Terminal Velocity, environments filled with obstacles and a spirit of bullet hell shoot ’em up. According to information from the Kickstarter page, the game allows us to choose between facing the enemies, escape at full speed or explore, through eleven game modes present for both multiplayer and solo.

We will have a collection of 20 different to choose from, each with its own progression of improvements and skills, more than 40 levels to combat ships and three difficulty modes, all accompanied by a soundtrack orchestrated by veterans of Unreal Tournament and Deus Ex.

The campaign financing has a basic goal of around $ 75,000 (£ 47,000) and to have a digital copy just enough to provide $ 15. As you reach different goals, once it exceeded the minimum, the studio plans to enter the online mode, an interesting MOBA way more history and cinematic, and finally -at a reach of 1.23 million dollars, intended to make the open world.

It is being developed on Unreal Engine 4 and once funded a launch is expected in the second quarter of 2016.