It’s not a news that the Visceral studio of Electronic Arts is also working on a Star Wars game which is yet unannounced, coming in a distant future, and that even we know nothing.

During a talk at the panel Metrocon, the famous actor Nolan North voices let see what knows how the project is developing, despite not participating in it. According to the voice of Desmond Miles and Nathan Drake, among others, the new Star Wars will have similarities to the Uncharted series, which is not too surprising to be confirmed that the writer of the series of Naughty Dog, Amy Henning is working directly on the title.

“If you’re a big fan of Amy Henning and his style of stories, she has come to EA and will begin a new Star Wars franchise in the style of Uncharted,” North said when talking about the departure of Henning of Naughty Dog.”I happen to know much about it and will be amazing.”

But the most important thing comes when asked if this will be revived with the canceled Star Wars 1313, which had been so well received by the public, to which North said it will be different, but “in the same lines.”

We leave the memory of what appeared to be the first game ahead of the new generation, which eventually lost its way and was canceled. A shame.