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Virtual Reality Gaming pushed to the Next Level


We are very familiar with VR (Virtual Reality) headsets as they allow you to seamlessly look around a computer based simulation as you would do in real life, every single movement of your head is tracked in real time, creating a natural experience, but they do not allow you to move in the game as you move in real life you can only sit on a chair pushing buttons and moving here and there that’s not the way we move in the real world.

However, some Kickstarter companies are working on the real Virtual Reality Gaming concepts the help of virtual reality treadmills that track your whole body movement, allowing you to move your character the way you move in the real world, the term treadmills is used because you feel like you are walking, but you are just sliding on a low friction surface not going anywhere doing actions like crouching, jumping and running as if you would do it in real life.

The Virtuix Omni

Virtuix Omni
Virtuix Omni

In order to take Virtual Reality Gaming to the next level Virtuix was founded by Jan Goetgeluk, they spent 2 years in developing the Omni before bringing it to Kickstarter for crowd funding its manufacture. It is first of its kind an omnidirectional treadmill which allows you to walk, jump, sprint, crouching but there are some restrictions of body movement. The Virtuix Omni was designed to be used with Oculus Rift for a head mounted display, but it is not a big deal you can use other VR headset too. The Virtuix Omni will be using  Cabela’s Top Shot Elite Xbox 360 controller for First Person Shooter games, however Omni is compatible with almost any PC controller or gamepad.

The Cyberith Virtualizer

Cyberith Virtualizer

The idea was born 2012 by Tunkay Cakmak. He started testing and developing first prototypes. In 2013 he formed Cyberith and formed the team for the device’s further development. He demonstrated the device in Europe, A Kickstarter Campaign started in 23 on July 2014 and in the first 24 hours they reached more than 50% of their  goal of 250 000 $. The Cyberith Virtualizer uses an Oculus rift, you can jump, walk, sprint, crouch, but in this case there are no restrictions on your body movement, giving more natural experience than Virtuix Omni.

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