Through IGN, Focus Home Interactive and DontNod Entertainment brought a new trailer of Vamypr in which we can see how Dr. Reid helps the infected in London.

Vampyr – New Trailer “Darkness Within”

Vampyr is an action role-playing game set in 1918 London infected with street flu. All kinds of dangers lurk in this city during a deadly outbreak of Spanish flu. From vampire hunters to mutant abominations, Jonathan Reid will face both enemies and friends in his quest to discover the truth behind this new misfortune and the origin of the deadly plague. Armed with a standard melee and range weapon set, by attacking and dodging enemies a blood-staining bar that will fill up for later devastating vampire attacks. Your vampire affliction will seize your human side, unleashing destructive abilities or spells against those who try to stop it.

A tree of non-linear skills through experience gained, unlocking other powerful attacks and abilities. Jonathan will be able to equip these abilities in any order, allowing us to create new archetypes to suit our style of play, either playing aggressively and causing a lot of damage, or playing more safely and keeping enemies at a distance with control abilities.

Skills can evolve in two different ways. Spring, for example, a skill that allows us to run to distant enemies, can be developed to cause damage in an area of ​​effect, or provide temporary invincibility.

The difficulty of the confrontations may be affected by the actions of the player outside the combat. Players will have to investigate and determine who to feed and who to forgive, being aware of their needs to increase their strength. Keep in mind that Johnatan’s vampire impulses will always go against his human side, so we will have to choose the skills carefully.