The creators of Remember Me and Life is Strange eventually provides new details wit the first screenshot batch of its enigmatic RPG Vampyr.

Vampyr – New Details and First Screenshots


As you know, the new title of Dontnod Entertainment will be located in London, 1918, when Spanish decimated by the deadly fever that has left very few healthy people, who will now be prey to another plague: Vampires. The streets are paralyzed by the disease, violence and fear. In a disorganized and ghostly city, unbelievers, desperate or unlucky to walk down the street, lie the most elusive prey to predators in Britain. All the chaos emerges a tormented figure. Protagonist Jonathan E. Reid is medical surgeon and a former soldier who participated in the First World War. Reid is infected by a patient who was thought to have the Spanish Flu and becomes a vampire.

In Vampyr we have to explore the dark and atmospheric streets of 20th century London, and interact with a multitude of characters with their own identities and importance. Accept and carry out the missions they assign us, sooner or later have an impact on the development of the game, and we should not forget that our thirst will need to be sated. Absolutely all game characters are potential victims of your vampires lust. So you have to carefully study the habits of your next victim, his relationships with other characters, and prepare your strategy to go unnoticed and taste him. Seduce them, change their usual habits, or make sure you end up alone in a dark alley.

There will be times when exploration and seduction are tools that serve to some extent, so we have to resort to dynamic real-time combat, mixing elements of combat, mechanical shooting and of course, vampire supernatural powers. You will face a variety of enemies. Among them, different species of vampires and creatures, as well as vampire hunters that hunt you seek with their weapons, tools and traps. In Vampyr, health and “energy” that drives your supernatural powers are the same. Using these powers drain your blood, giving you an advantage in battle, but also leaving you weak. You’ll have to find a way to feed during combat to replenish your strength.

Vampyr also offers a deep crafting system. Find materials and components plunders of fresh corpses of your victims or during examination, in order to create and improve melee or range tools, as well as ammunition and special coatings to exploit the weakness of your enemies.

While you cling to what’s left of humanity, your decisions will shape the fate of your hero, while looking for answers between coughing fits and foggy streets, products of the aftermath of the Spanish flu.

Vampyr is expected to arrive during 2017 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.






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