A surprise is coming from the Valve, one of the company which is not only involved in the game development, but also associated to revolutionize the gaming industry in different ways. First, big Picture passed through the Steam Machines, music player and now a system to transmit our gaming sessions to our friends.

Valve’s Steam Broadcasting on Twitch will let you see your friends playing Live

Steam Broadcast Options

Steam Broadcasting is available in beta and it will allow us to see what our friends are playing. Simply give right to the account of who is playing and click “Watch Game”.

The system has flexible privacy options so you can choose who can see us, you can also block someone. Sadly, despite a FAQ that clears some doubts, not specified system requirements and its free to use, but should not be too far away to any other streaming system, as Twitch.

To enter the beta, follow the steps provided:
Go to options Steam, go to the tab “Account” and change “Beta Participation” to choose “Steam Beta Update”.
Finally, restart the client.

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