Valve has decided to launch an offensive against the cheaters and hackers of the Counter Strike Global Offensive using its Valve Anti Cheat (VAC) engine.

According to the data provided by Steam Database, the company has banned about 11,000 Counter Strike Global Offensive players within 24 hours who were playing the game using the cheats, hacks or also using abusive language frequently. This is perhaps the largest ban hammer lately.

Valve using VAC engine is a good sign for one of the most popular multiplayer game on the Steam in order to make fair matches. From that graph obtained through Steam Database, it appears that usually players around 5,000 are getting banned by the anti cheat engine on a regular basis. While numbers reached a new height yesterday on 14th September with about 11,000 players. Have a look into the graph from SteamDB below;

counter strike global offensive

However, these VAC banned players can still play the Counter Strike Global Offensive on non-VAC secured servers by selecting the non secured option from the dropdown menu while looking for the servers. However, Valve will continue to ban the people using unfair means during the gameplay.

According to Valve, “Any third-party modifications to a game designed to give one player an advantage over another is classified as a cheat or hack and will trigger a VAC ban.”

Stay tuned for more updates!

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