Unfortunately, Valve did not announce any new title during GDC 2015. We were very naive to think that Gabe Newell could have announced Half-Life 3. However, they have announced several products and technologies related to Steam broadcasting and SteamVR.

Valve announces Source Engine 2, Steam Link and Steam Lighthouse

Alienware Alpha Steam Machine

The graphics engine Source Engine 2 was certainly not new, but similar to Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4, Source 2 will be free for content developers, and will have a version for Vulkan, the successor to OpenGL API (previously called Next Generation OpenGL).

In few products, first we have the Steam Link, a streaming device that can be connected to any PC or Steam Machine, and will support 1080p 60hz. To use it we will have to simply connect it to our TV and home network, and automatically search for any computer running Steam on the same network. Steam Link will be available in November 2015 and will cost you $50.

Steam Link

Secondly, there was a news that Value will release Steam Machines during that same date. At GDC they have shown models of the Alienware and Falcon Northwest manufacturers, but no more than twelve partners to market launch other variants of Steam Machines.

As expected, Valve gives a demonstration of HTC Vive, the new virtual reality device co-developed by HTC.Complementing the new device SteamVR technology, Valve announced two new products for virtual reality. One of them is Steam Lighthouse, a tracking device with high resolution and speed monitoring, which like its competitors, will cover an entire room thanks to the Scale Room Experience.


The Steam Controller created for Steam Machines, Valve gave the foundation needed to create a virtual device on everyday complementary to Live, and the company claims Gabe, have created a set of touch controls and movement are adapted so perfect the game I always wanted to realize. Half Life 3 Confirmed? Hmmm.


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