You do cautiously examine the entirety of the user agreements that are displayed before your vision before clicking on OK, don’t you ? Well, you ought toeven though the majority of us don’t — will this weekend’s furore over preferred torrenting software program uTorrent is the most recent reminder precisely why? any bug or something like that?.


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uTorrent Denies It Is Not Mining Bitcoins:

With a bit of help from users, Trusted Reviews first of all discovered that the brand new uTorrent update accompanied a Bitcoin mining tool known as Epic Scale. As per displeased forum members , this software program installed itself without authorization alongside uTorrent, utilizing CPU cycles on users’ computers and generating some additional income for the devs.


BitTorrent, which owns uTorrent, responded with a statement: “Like many software companies, we have partner offers in our install path and our policy is that they are strictly optional. We aim to work with partners that would appeal to our tech-forward user base. This is the case with Epic Scale, they are litecoin based and charity-focused.”
“We have reviewed the issue closely and can confirm there is no silent install happening. We are continuing to look at the issue. But this is most likely these users accepted the offer during install.”

That’s backed up by a methodical walk through of the installation practice conducted by Trusted Reviews, which discloses there is certainly in fact a confirmation window inquiring users if they want to install Epic Scale. Possibly the members posting in the uTorrent community forums didn’t notice it, or maybe they’ve got their clutches on rogue versions of the installation application.



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Third-party packaged tools are a crucial manner in which devs of free software can attempt to acquire a little financial return from their hard works, however, a few of these third-party apps tend to be more menacing than others. Epic Scale is apparently one of the more benevolent programs out there — much of the ‘mining’ it may moves towards aiding charities as well as research projects — yet it’s a judicious reminder not to click through those setup wizards on next, next and next too rapidly.


Source: Trusted Reviews

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