Intel mentioned yesterday, the official battle “teach” you to choose the Tablet PC, but see comments on Intel’s X86 processors everyone with the performance on Android tablet or on Windows is not confident. Compared with ARM X86 processor optimized support in the application is not really good enough, the entire ecosystem has not yet been fully established, Intel needs efforts. Joint with Unity, Intel Corporation recently announced a strategic cooperation, will support Intel’s X86 processors born in Andrews Uehara, optimize the use of games and applications on Unity engine.

Unity and Intel bring support for x86 to Android 

Intel and unity

You may be more familiar with Crytek’s CryEngine engine or Unreal’s U UE series engine, but from the Unity company, Unity engine Wikipedia ) is also very famous, especially on mobile platforms, on which after a few years you will see the huge improvement. At China Joy exhibition we can see the Blizzard’s “furnace slag Legend” this game is also developed at the Unity engine, Xbox 360 Chinese gaming Era two-thirds of the market is also based on Unity game engine development.

The Unity game engine is also not limited to gaming, but also use on web pages and applications. On the Android platform has been lacking compared to the X86 processor ARM processors on a mature application optimization.

Intel’s cooperation with Unity, which promises to strengthen the Intel processor support in future releases of Untiy 4 and 5 engine versions, including the terms of CPU and GPU performance improvements and feature enhancements, the cooperation will ensure the development of the game using the Unity engine On the Intel platform running well.

In addition, developers only need to use the Unity engine and make small changes can add support for Intel architecture on their applications, or other products or other product of their taste.

For more information you can refer to Intel’s developer page .

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