From the previous Generation console games, everyone love to play the games developed by Naughty Dogs, Uncharted 3 was one of them. Uncharted 3 has received many records in terms of better gameplay, graphics and sound also. After the previous release the wait was over a few months back when naughty shows the teaser of Uncharted 4. We have waited for almost too long for Naughty Dog to finally lift the veil on Uncharted 4. Few day’s ago we have seen a short video of Uncharted 4 called “Modeling Nathan Drake: Bringing an Iconic Character to PS4 Panel” at the Playstation Experience that video was related to the character of Nathan Drake that how this character has been made and how they implement the new features in this character.  If you miss that video below you can see the images of Nathan Drake.

Uncharted 4: “Wind Physics” and detailed Facial features of Nathan Drake reflects the true Power of PS4



We have also some GIFs in order to proof our title of that article, at first look at the smiling face of Nathan Drake. It’s looking damn real. The developers have also confirmed that there are more than 800 facial combinations


Apart from the facial features Uncharted 4 is also equipped with various physic, the one on most effective to me is “wind physics”, means character hairs clothes will react to the wind. Now the shocker is not only the head, but Drake chest hair will also react with the wind. I must say this time they put a lot of efforts of this title. Look at some GIFs below in order to amaze yourself. (GIFs are courtesy of neogaf)