The most awaited game by the owners of the PlayStation 4? The Answers are probably a lot, but there is no doubt that in the forefront of such a statement would be placed Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. If so, then they will be interested in the latest portion of the information on this production.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s end – plenty of information leaked


This news at first is coming from Game Informer and such cases always herald us one thing – a lot of new information things are not different this time, of course, the first evidence of what we already have.

Went to the network portion of the reports related to the highly anticipated title of Naughty Dog. And so, we learn, among other things, that the story begins three years after the events that took place in the previous installment of the series. Happy life of Nathan and Elena is somehow destroyed by Sam, who will draw the main character (his brother) for another escapade. Interestingly, it will be accompanied by the player during the game.

However, you can expect not only a campaign, but also a multiplayer mode. No matter what, on what form of fun to choose the disposal of equipment get richer than we have at times previously. In addition, the locations to be more open and look at them, we have some new pictures.

Surely these are not all the information that we learn from the magazine. Also, please remember that the debut of the game will be held this year, but a more accurate term we have to wait.


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