In this morning, Sony officially announced the Naughty Dog studio masterpiece new Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, a two-minute promotional video to let us insight the real charm of next generation Graphics, the handsome Drake we know is looking change in it.

“Uncharted 4” Drake evolutionary model becomes a married uncle?

The two-minute promotional video was recorded from Ps4 the demo Graphics are really looking stunning. The Game is optimized to run on Current Generation platform PS4 at 1080p resolution with 60 Frames. Well, now comes to the main topic takes a look at Drake face, focusing on fine characterization eye.


In order to enjoy more intuitive Drake growth and change in the “Uncharted” series, the new host powerful entertainment experience, I will show the series protagonist evolution chart, the most experienced explorers brought back fond memories of players.

Evolutionary comparison of Drake model in Uncharted Series:

Evolutionary comparison chart