UMG Dallas 2014, a Call of Duty Ghosts tournament won by Daniel E-sports.
Daniel E-sports is a North American team and it got its first place by defeating Team EnVy Us in the finals winning a prize of 10,000$.

UMG Dallas 2014, Call of Duty Ghosts tournament won by Daniel E-sports


Leaving behind EnVy Us with 4,000$


The event took place at Hyatt Regency Dallas on 24 August.And this year was sponsored by Elegato Gaming

This event is one of the most prominent Tournaments of Call of Duty in the world.


UMG is hosting Call of duty tournaments since 2007

When Call of duty Modern warfare was released and back from where CoD’s multiplayer success began,all the way to the present Call of Duty

Ghosts. With the release of CoD Modern Warfare in 2007. Call of Duty 4 formed the basic building blocks of the multiplayer experience that

People know and love today. Infact CoD takes the third place in online gaming Right after Dota and League of Legends And still remains the

First popular FPS which allowed you to pick your perk set up and gun class. Although it was a massive step forward to online multiplayer.

Even though The platform change from PC to X-BOX, CoD attraction is the same.

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