It’s gonna break the game but “deliberately”.

Hello gamers, straight from Rajasthan, India, this is your new writer, VotV. Let’s begin it.

Capcom has confirmed that Ultra Street Fighter 4 is getting a new mode called the “Omega Mode” which aims to break the game for a reason. Peter Rosas wrote it on the Capcom Community Website. The Omega mode will give new attacks and special moves to all the characters and the aim is adding more “fun” to the game.

“This means that strong, fan favourite attacks such as Ken’s Shinppu Jinrai Kyaku and Sagat’s Tiger Raid make their return while other characters such as Zangief gain new abilities, like being able to combo into his command throws,” Rosas added.

Omega mode will be playable online too, but only in unranked matches, Capcom tournaments will use the default Ultra Balance. The new mode will come out with the 1.04 Patch of the game, releasing in October this year.

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