Playtonic Games, a new studio formed by the talented team responsible for Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country, today revealed the first details of the Project Ukulele during the EGX Rezzed expo in London.

Ukulele Project – New from the makers of Banjo Kazooie

Ukulele Project

The studio was formed in 2014 by veterans of Rare, including Steve Mayles and Chris Sutherland. Among the seven people who make Playtonic, add more than 100 years of experience and professional success.

Ukulele Project is a 3D platform adventure that will have a lot of worlds to explore, knowing our way to a great cast of funny characters. Ukulele Project has been conceptualized as the successor of all previous work produced by the team.

In the event Playtonic promised to recapture the spirit of their previous releases, while making clear its intention to innovate in playable worlds where players not only explore, but expanded and fully unlocked areas free-form

The team also mentioned his desire to present the project on Kickstarter, to greatly expand the scope of Project Ukulele and ensure creative freedom required to develop the game that fans want to play. The campaign will take place in May this year.

“The passion of the team for our games and 3D genre itself, without more laps led to the founding of Playtonic,” said Gavin Price, managing director and creative leader of the study. “Through Project Ukulele, fans will finally come to see those ideas formerly repressed, turned into reality. “

“Since the announcement of Playtonic, the reaction from the community has been absolutely amazing.Through contact with them, we decided to greatly expand the scope of our project to launch a Kickstarter campaign. By working together with the fans, we are confident that we will be able to create a game that will meet your expectations, if not surpass that. “

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