Earlier today, Ubisoft published online survey on their website for the gaming community in which questions like what have they played and their plans for buying upcoming games were asked. It was un-predicted that the list of future and current games had option of Red Dead Redemption 2.


Ubisoft's survey hints existence of Red Dead Redemption 2There were other games mentioned in the list too, while almost all them were confirmed except Red Dead Redemption 2 and Skyrim 2. There were rumors about the Red Dead Redemption 2, that the game will be named as Red Dead Redemption 2: Legends of the West and it will be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC. However, Rockstar Games didn’t respond anything regarding the Red Dead Redemption 2. Still, it is expected that the Rockstar might announce new Red Dead Redemption this E3 between June 16-18.

This could also be possible as the Ubisoft might be knowing the plans of Rockstar Games and their announcements at E3 2015. There is a possibility of announcement of Red Dead Redemption as it was being said for around 2 years that Rockstar is secretly working on an unannounced title.

However, these reports are currently not officially confirmed by Rockstar. Maybe Ubisoft has leaked Rockstar’s surprise announcement of the sequel. Lets wait for E3 where it might be confirmed. Stay tuned for full updates on the E3 2015!

Source: TheGamesCabin 

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