While on The Division we have to wait for a very long time, but you can also find those who received the opportunity to meet up with this title. Unfortunately, they do not come with a good news for us. The lucky ones have the opportunity to test the game in the pre-alpha version. It is clear that it will not look as good as a finished product, but at the moment The Division presents itself apparently really bad.

The Division Gameplay Screenshots leaked in the Wild



Pretty soon, it has been suggested that the manufacturer will be able to squeeze out such a title, which we could see its promotional videos. The case difficult to assess, but Ubisoft is not a winning streak lately and it is not secret that similar stories have taken place recently.

Against the will of the producer and publisher of the network someone published a short video, but pretty soon were removed. However, screenshots survived and actually do not inspire optimism.

Ubisoft had to react. A Statement issued hardly anyone surprised and to see who is right, unfortunately you will have to wait.

“This is a low-resolution material from pre-alpha tests, which are currently held by developers in order to evaluate the server infrastructure. A large part of the functions of the game has been removed, and therefore can not be assessed in this case the quality of the game. The team focuses on providing players with the best experience and we can not wait to see for anything more. “

Recall that The Division aims to hit the PC and  PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but the release date of the game is unfortunately not known.

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