Ubisoft has gathered a lot of lashes from the players in recent weeks, but apparently the vast majority are those who had played the games of this producer and appreciate them.

Today Ubisoft has published the latest financial report and it is clear that now Ubisoft has many reasons to be happy. In the last quarter, revenues amounted to 809.7 million euros. Compared to the same period last year, we’re talking about a very significant increase, as recorded revenue of 519.7 million.

It is hardly surprising, such a rotation of the case since recently had to deal with several high profile premieres. I think each of the productions has met the expectations of the manufacturer, since the sale looks really impressive.

Watch Dogs sold in the amount of 10 million copies, as well as two recent sequels of Assassin’s Creed. Only the slightly weaker result was achieved from Far Cry 4, which led to the purchase of about 7 million players. Against this background, a bit less fall out Just Dance and The Crew with the results of 4 and 2 million units sold.

Forecasts for the next few months are optimistic. Ubisoft has announced 5 big games for the next fiscal year. 3 of them are now known to us, they are The Division, Assassin’s Creed: Victory and Rainbow Six: Siege. As for the other two still we are wondering. What do you think about another two mysterious title? Do you have any guess on their types?

Source: ubisoftgroup

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