The U.S NPD Sales data at the end of December the Xbox One is in first position with 908,000 Units Sold, Xbox One is also the most expensive Current-Generation Console, but the sales speak itself in the United States that people love it any way, and also Xbox One is stronger than other competitors. Xbox360 is also in the top list and comes it 3rd place with 643,000 Units Solds.




If we talk about Ps4 sales the biggest competitor of XboxOne, NPD did not specify the sales of it, PS4’s global sales have exceeded 4.2 million, in the form of bright.

Here is the full data record: 

Xbox platform data:

  •   Xbox One sales of 908,000 units,
  •   Xbox 360 sold 643,000 units, came in third.
  •   Xbox console sales accounted for 46% of the two platforms share of the U.S. Market.
  •   Xbox software and hardware sales of $ 1.39 billion for both platforms, accounting for 50% share of the U.S. Market.
  •   Xbox One software and hardware attachment rate is 2.9.
  •   Next-generation platform game sales before ten, Xbox One has six: BF4, Forza 5, DR3, Ryse, Madden, COD Ghosts.