After reading the title of that post I know many of you are thinking about it that, what is “Graphics Amplifier”? It is a new accessory from Alienware side, is a big ol’ shell that lives on your desk, nearly to your desktop-grade Graphics Card on which you have proud that it can run anything you throw at it. Ever think of adding GPU to your laptop 😛 ? When this Graphics Amplifier is near to your Gaming laptop, you just have to plug that bad boy into your gaming laptop and then boom, now your notebook is equipped with the desktop-grade GPU (No graphics card is included, though the Amplifier supports any desktop GPU with a TDP up to 375W). Now one more attractive thing is that it is equipped with four USB PORTS, in order to use your other accessories like mouse, keyboard, monitor, pen-drive etc.

Turbocharge your Alienware laptop with the Graphics Amplifier

Turbocharge your Alienware laptop with the Graphics Amplifier

This tiny thing made sound kinda interesting, right? Well, let’s come to the technical stuff, it requires PCI-Express cable in order to feed and it will only work with Alienware 13 laptops. If you are using Gaming notebook of other brand like Asus, MSI, etc., then this candy will not give you its services. You can say this is also a clever strategy to attract customers towards the Alienware laptops.

On top of that the pricing of this device is quoted at $299 in the US and £199 in UK without including the GPU in both the cases and will be shipped in November.

Turbocharge your Alienware laptop with the Graphics Amplifier

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