The latest news about the TSMC production is coming from the Italian publication, who has reported that TSMC is currently working on more than 45 Projects which includes FPGAs, SoCs and also for AMD High Performance CPUs. 16nm CPUs for the PC and Server on the second generation 16nm FF+ process are also on the way. The source put some life in the previous rumors and also mentions that a 20 core x86 processor from AMD will be available soon, which could be Opteron and be produced in TSMC’s 16nm FinFET process.

 TSMC Will Produce 16nm FinFET+ CPUs for AMD and Server Market

TSMC increases production of 20nm

The chips on node 16FinFET+ will be available from Q1 of 2015, and the rest production will be available to the market in early 2016. From previous record one thing we know that AMD is always not fully rely on the other Global Foundries. If we see the past production of its CPUs. But if we see the overall scene there could be the x86 processors which will be produced on 16FinFET+. Well, things are still rumors so take this news with a pinch of salt. I hope AMD will soon make an entry with something new for us, as competition is good which cause the lower prices of candies.

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