TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.), one of the largest producers of semiconductors in the world, currently has a 55 percent global market share in manufacturing chips, today announced that it would build a new factory in Taiwan aimed at developing new chips with a 3nm and 5nm lithography, which will involve an investment of 15,700 million dollars, about 14,800 million euros.

TSMC Will Build Factory In Taiwan For 3nm and 5nm Chips

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If TSMC achieves optimal development for these new chips before any of its competitors, this would be a big boost for the company and for many devices (especially smartphones) that are scrambling to equip the processor with the lowest possible lithography for an impressive performance and low power consumption.

At the conference the company explained that currently  “we are asking the government for help to find some land large enough to house the new factory and have good access, so that we can develop chips 3 and 5 nanometers”. TSMC representative declined to give more details about the plans of the company or the time it takes to launch the construction and production of the new plant work, but it seems that we will not see the factory within a few years.

Mark Liu, co-CEO of the company, mentioned that they are currently working on 5 nanometer chips, and also assigned a team of more than 300 engineers that will be responsible for research and development of 3 and 2 nanometer chips.