During the 2019 GTC in Suzhou, China, CEO of Nvidia Jensen Huang told attendees that most orders for their next generation of GPUs @ 7nm will be handled by the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), and not only that but indicated that Samsung will only play a secondary role.

Jensen also stated that his company has maintained close relationships with TSMC in the past, since TSMC manufactured its previous GPUs @ 16nm (Pascal) and 12nm (Volta / Turing). Nvidia has also stressed that its Turing architecture, with the 12nm of TSMC, offers greater efficiency and performance than that of products based on a 7nm manufacturing process, a direct dart to AMD Radeon products.

“Without the help of TSMC, and its advanced manufacturing processes, we would not have been so successful, so this collaboration between TSMC and Nvidia is very important for us.”

Finally, Jensen was asked again about the release schedule of the next generation of GPUs @ 7nm, but he responded bluntly indicating that it is not a convenient time to reveal any date at this time. With CES 2020 just around the corner (second week of January), they are likely to reveal the first details in a more favorable environment.

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