TSMC wants to continue proving that it is the largest and most advanced foundry in the world, and nothing better than to announce that they have already started the R&D phase of their 2nm manufacturing process. According to the company itself, for now they are focusing on the design of test stands, the manufacturing of photomasks and a pilot production of silicon.

According to the latest data, TSMC will invest 100 billion dollars in the next three years. Most of the investments are linked to the development of new manufacturing processes, such as 2nm or building an exclusive factory where the mass production of this lithograph will take place.


It should be remembered that TSMC 2nm manufacturing process will be the first for the company to abandon the FinFET transistor structure for the GAA wrap-around gate structure, a structure that will debut earlier in Samsung Foundry’s 3nm manufacturing process, although the two GAA transistor structures will not be the same.

As for mass production time, TSMC 2nm factory is still in the early stage in the development. According to TSMC said last November, it is expected that they can start a risk production during the second half of 2023, being at some point in 2024 when mass production begins. For 2nm the use of EUV technology is essential, and while this technology still has many problems, the company will also spend time improving the EUV process to improve quality and efficiency in lithography.

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