One of the world’s most important mobile SoC suppliers Qualcomm is also the TSMC’s VIP customers, the most advanced technology in the past tended to take precedence Qualcomm, 28nm, 20nm and of course, the addition of the TSMC 20nm process node for Apple. But in the next generation of 16nm / 14nm node, Samsung has increased competition with lower pricing this lead them to success when they have received more than half of Apple’s A9 orders. The Qualcomm has now shaken, there are lots of rumors that TSMC has been suspended trial production of 16nm FinFET technology.

TSMC 16nm FinFET in Trouble on Qualcomm Orders


Taiwan’s Liberty Times reported that Qualcomm has postponed work with the TSMC 16nm FinFET process, resulting in a high-pass changeling main reason is Samsung’s 14nm FinFET technology is more mature, previously reported in volume production at the end, the most critical point is Samsung to grab customers while offering them even lower prices.

Prior to this, the use of TSMC 20nm process node in Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 production process is said to have overheating problems, although Qualcomm denied, but Snapdragon 810 is accepted after the March of this year.

In addition, Taiwan’s Economic Times also quoted sources saying that TSMC suppliers have suspended 16nm FinFET installation of equipment which was expected in the first half of this year and from the second half of 2015 they will start the mass production 16nm FinFET technology.

Due to critical issues involved, TSMC chairman Morris Chang is expected to host the January 15 conference. After a powerful sniper from Samsung side, the TSMC 16nm node is really in trouble, ever 28nm. This situation also proved the existence of a rift between TSMC and Qualcomm. If Qualcomm will completely turn to the other side than it will be the major loss of TSMC.

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