We know that many game developers have more advance engines for the Games, which includes Great Visuals, Reflections, Water, Textures, Model details, Hair details, PhysX effects ETC. NVIDIA is also not just sitting and making Graphics cards, but they are also introducing new technologies for games like TXAA, MFAA, DSR, 3D Vision, Adaptive Vsync, G-Sync, GPU Boost NVIDIA Hairworks, ETC. These mentioned technologies can only enabled in games if you have an NVIDIA GPU and the game developers has added support to those technologies in their games.

Tripwire Interactive’s Killing Floor 2 will have Nvidia’s New PhysX tech PhysX Flex effects 


Now NVIDIA has introduced their new PhysX Tech which is called PhysX Flex. PhysX Flex is improved PhysX technique which adds more realistic and Simulated Visuals to the game. This Technique is new announced so there are not many games available to support this, but Tripwire’s upcoming next installment in Killing Floor series will have PhysX Flex Effects as according to the developers.

NVIDIA has been using this PhysX tech for a long time in many games like Batman: Arkham series, Metro Series, Witcher Series, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, and in many more titles. The basic work of PhysX in the game is that it gives some more details to in game things like explosives, particles from burning woods or Exploded Vehicles and many more things. PhysX Flex is also like this, but PhysX Flex is more advanced and have many new effects than PhysX.

As we talked that no available titles to support PhysX Flex but Tripwire’s Killing Floor 2 will have PhysX Flex. Last Month they revealed a video of PhysX Flex in Killing Floor 2 which showed us when the Zombie or Monster exploded the Blood, Guts were amazingly simulated. For Example the video showed that a monster was shot and he exploded with the PhysX Flex Effects his Blood was simulated lifelike.

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