Triangle strategy is a role-playing and adventure game based on unreal engine 4. From the studio that published games like Final Fantasy, Marvel’s Avengers, and Guardians Of Galaxy, Square Enix and Team Asano’s new game Triangle strategy promises to be another great entry for the Nintendo users.

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Just like most other RPGs, the game’s plot revolves around the decisions you make throughout the story. There are 17 different chapters through which you can play; also, there are multiple endings to the game based on your choices.

Nintendo users indeed love the game as more and more reviews pour in. The game is being said to have great replayability. The average time to finish the entire game varies from 48 to 50 hours, depending on how you play it. @Stealth40k on Twitter has provided ratings from various sources that show that game is excelling and doing exceptionally well.

Since its initial release on March 4, 2022, Nintendo has sold about 800K copies of the game in just two weeks since its release. And with more positive reviews, these numbers are increasing. For a comparison, Bravely Default 2, another RPG from the same developers, has sold about 900K copies of the game, and it was released about eight months ago.

Various Nintendo fans and RPG players are considering playing this game after they are done with the earlier released Elden Ring, as both the games share certain similarities. According to a Resetera user

“It’s gonna be my next pick-up when I’m done with Elder Ring. Glad to see it’s doing well” (@Transistor via Resetera)

Source: iMore

Elden Ring, since its launch, has been receiving high praises from the community all over the world, and Triangle Strategy being compared to it in terms of gameplay is nothing short of massive praise. The game has excellent action sequences, but some people find the story element missing in often cases.

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