The latest title from Reakktor Studios called TOXIKK free version is available for download, which has already been published. Those players who are interested in acquiring it, you just need to visit this link to download it without any cost.

TOXIKK Is Now Available For Free Download, Gameplay

In the free version of TOXIKK you can enjoy this shooter without any limitations. As indicated by the company itself, the free version differs from the full version in just a few details, offering broadly the same opportunities to enjoy the game regardless of their version.

Anyway, in below picture you can better appreciate the differences between the full version and the free version of TOXIKK:


Recall, that the work of Reakktor Studio (creator of futuristic MMORPG Neocron) is an old school FPS, designed specifically for PC, inspired by games from the end of the 90s, such as Unreal Tournament and Quake III: Arena. The game is very fast and focused exclusively on player skills – so there is no weapon upgrades, trees development or increasing statistics. The development team also offers two options of play: either on smaller maps for eight people or for larger with sixteen players. For the latter there are also vehicles – both land and flying.