Touchscreen version of the Windows Office suite for Windows 10 is an important new element, but it was not available with the Build 9926 version (Windows 10). Fortunately, Microsoft did not make us wait too long, today we can finally use the same bit of the Office suite.

Touch screen version of Microsoft Office available for download


This version is not the legendary Office 2016, but is optimized for touchscreen operation, this time there is available for download Word, Excel and PowerPoint (actually only a test version of Windows 10 application store to search out) The three most commonly used software, OneNote and Outlook already pre-installed in Windows 10 in. In addition, it is a universal application (UWA), all Windows 10 systems can be installed to use the device through the App Store, other versions of the Windows system do not support it.

The biggest change is the elimination of the PC interface still in use since Office 2007 “Ribbon”. Ribbon interface is more intuitive menu design, though so, but this mode of operation is still very friendly touch screen with your finger. The new interface is more concise, but more in line with the customary touchscreen operation mode.

As for the phone side, because the mobile phone version of Windows 10 is not available for pilot testing, being only the official announcement had learned from the screenshot, the new interface is similar to the PC version and the current version of Windows Phone has a big difference.

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